Prayer for Major Depression and Panic Attacks

by Steve (South Africa)

I have suffered from panic disorder for 23 years and currently going through a very debilitating period of major depression with severe anxiety and panic attacks. I am on new medication that has its own side effects and have been praying that God my savior and healer will restore my mental health and allow me to recover fully and be able to function normally and enjoy the fruits of life the good Lord promised all believers.

God I pray you will have mercy on my soul.

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  1. Healing and Deliverance

    You need healing and deliverance. Please find a church near you who can pray for you. Pray for divine connection. Bond with fellow believers. Please check out

  2. Prayer for Steve

    Dear Lord, I raise Steve up to you and ask that you guide him on this journey. I Pray that you bring peace and courage to help him continue and that you lead him to effective treatments and strategies, beyond medication. That you open his heart and mind to these options and encourage the patience and determination required to persist with them. I Pray that you lead him to wise, knowledgable, experienced and kind clinicians who can support him on this journey. I Pray for patience, understanding, acceptance and kindness for his family and friends so they too may support him at this difficult time. Lord I thank you for walking with Steve on this journey and pray he takes comfort from that. In Jesus name. Amen

  3. Thank you for praying for me

    I am very grateful for your prayers and support. I have been anointed with oil and go to the pastor weekly for healing prayer sessions.
    God Bless

  4. Peace my brother

    Dear Steve, you are one of God’s children and he loves you. I pray that he gives you peace and comfort. As I look at a picture right now of Jesus praying, I know God hears your prayers and believe that God gives what is asked for. Amen.

  5. Me too

    I am suffering from a terrible anxiety disorder. This began after someone did something very mean to me. That was 10 mos ago. I realized yesterday that I am having a nervous breakdown. I fear I cannot go on. I recently lost my father. I feel abandoned by God. I cannot eat. I am terrified of everything. I do not have even 1 friend. I am utterly alone except for my precious animals.

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