Prayer for luck with employment search

by Annemarie (Canada)

Dear God i have been searching for employment for 3 months, i feel like giving up, i have responsibilities to take care of an osap to start paying back in March, i also have a loan that i pay off each month, sometimes i think you forget me, it seems to me that hearing stories of miracle happens only if you are lucky!

I have asked you to show me a sign of what type of job you have for me and a job that your will be done, and will bring glory to you, i also asked for a job that i will enjoy, but nothing yet. All the resumes i have e-mailed were no success.

Lord why am i being left out, my finances are slowly running low, and i have a loan that is expected to be paid every month, $150.00 and i have other things to pay off.

I want to believe that you can work miracles but it;s hard when i put alot of resumes out and i am trying my best with no success, BUT I KNOW that you will intervene when i least expect it

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