prayer for love-recocilation,marriage and a stable finance

by Anon 007 (Lagos, Nigeria)

Dear God,I pray for love and miraclous reconcilation between my exboyfrend and I.I know he still feels love for me,and I still love him as well.dear lord,since we hav come of age now,please,cause a miraclous reconciliation to happen between us.

let him think of no one except me,and let him come to marry me.and make our marriage a healthy one,fruitful one,and one blessed with wonderful children.And also bless us financially beyond words so we can touch other people’s us to be faithful to each other,and knit our hearts together till death do us part.

And presently interfer in my finance oh lord.And help me to settle and cancel all my debts miraculously in Jesus name.Amen.
And,also grant me, my Mum,my older sister,and my entire siblings and family divine and complete health in the Mighthy name of Jesus.Amen.