prayer for love

by Debbie (Saint John , Canada)

Dear God

you know all that i have gone through and i know i am far from being a saint , but god how much longer must i live in a loveless relationship, I dont know what to do, its as if all that matters to him is money work and drugs, Dear God
I pray that somehow you work with him to see what he is doing to me, I am always alone and lonely , and its as if i dont matter. I need to be loved and shown that i am. not every day but at least once in a while. my mind body and heart can not take much more, this abuse is worse then being beat on a daily basis. abandonment and mental abuse is the worst , every living thing on this planet needs affection, attention and love in order to grow other wise they die. I feel like I am dying Dear G od. I have tryed to be a good wife oI have been faithful and honest , I keep a clean house although lately I have been lacking but when you dont feel appreciated and loved you start to not really care about those things anymore.He does not seem to be able to keep a job and only wants to work in backyard garages, Please Dear God Hear MY Plea Please Dear God Please Help me ,,,

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