Prayer for Love to be Triumphant

by Michael ()

Holy and Loving Father,

Thank you for granting me the love of my life. She means the whole world to me and I want nothing more than to cherish and love her forever and ever. It is very difficult to be apart from her, especially since my love for her grows every second of the passing days. I pray that the physical distance between us will finally close and we may finally hold each other in an embrace that will only validate our love even more. Every cell in my body calls out to hold and to love her, and so I pray my Lord, that you may allow us to see each other soon.

Despite the distance between us and the times we don’t talk, may our love travel to each other’s hearts and only grow stronger as time passes. May our hearts and minds connect so that we may never forget each other, and may we be filled with the Holy Spirit so that we may endure the sins and temptations of this world together.

I pray to you my Lord, that we may spend eternity together in this life and in the next, and may we be united under holy matrimony one day, in accordance with Your will.

I pray to you in Jesus’s name,


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