prayer for love strength and faith

by Krystal (Georgia USA)

Heavenly father I come to you as humble as I know how. Please forgive me of my sins and things that you do not approve of.I come you today lord because 9 months ago you placed someone special in my life.This person is everything I asked for in a mate, and father for my kids.

This person is very special to me and I have never loved a significant other like I have loved him. You answered my prayers by bring him in my life now heavenly father Im asking for your help to keep him in my life.Things have not been the best lately but Im asking we can restore all happiness and continue our life together.

WE have even talked about marriage and moving together purchasing a home please lord please make all those things still possible for us. Please show him how much I love him and willing to keep our relationship going. Please give him the strength to keep our love as one even though we will soon be miles away.

and if possible bless us to still love close by. Through you anything is possible and I know only you can make this possible. My father you know my heart and you know I have not loved anyone like this.

Im praying for a miracle, for a phone call a text to bring and keep this relationship together. Please heavenly father dont do this only for me but for my children as well. Bring joy faith happiness back into our life together as a family like it is meant to be. Bring the house, new truck, ring, reception dress, financial blessing and marriage to my life with my significant other. I believe in you jesus! In jesus name I love you Amen

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  1. Thank you for this prayer

    Thank you. Your prayer is speaking the words that I am feeling in my heart right now. Your situation is so similiar to mine. I am going to keep praying with you.

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