Prayer for Love Peace and Financial Security

by Chris (Vic)

Oh Dear Loving Father. I am so so grateful that I always have you to turn to. I have always pictured you as the most Loving, opened armed forgiving Father a person could have. Though at times it seems I have forgotten you are there but it is you I always turn to and know in my heart you have always been there and always will be.

My heart is troubled, always arguing with my partner as a result of much money lost. Tension, fear of future and troubled heart is with me all the time. I pray to you to fill my heart with worthiness, of great love and forgiveness. I ask from deep within to bring me financial security. Oh Dear God I pray for these blessings from you so I may go on my way and do the loving work and help others which is what I believe I am meant to be doing.

I Trust you, I praise you, I love you and I Thank you

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