Prayer For Love of My Husband

by Irene (Chino Hills CA USA)

I have prayed to St. Jude to make my husband whole in mind, body and spiritually. My husband is going thru a very difficult time in his life and he is not offering it up to our Lord in union with this passion. So I am doing it for him. I have also chosen Blessed St. Jude to channel these difficulties.

I am on my ninth day and there has been some relief for his suffering, but I pray that this is God’s will and that we can accept whatever he has for us. Please St. Jude I need my husband back, and whole and so do our children. I love this man and will do anything for him.

I offer my prayers to St. Jude for miracle on his intentions and mine. If that is God’s will. Amen.

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  1. feeling your pain

    I am feeling a very similar pain right now and pray that healing starts for your and your family. You are not alone and my wish is for healing in all of your hearts. Be at peace.

  2. your not alone...

    I am going through the EXACT same situation I have just recently started the process to become catholic for my son who was babtized into the church his father’s requrst., so I am still learning about faith and praying but I have recently started the prayer of st jude I have been dealing with these demons with my sons father HIS FIRST AND ONLY SON who didnt even see him born because he was incarserated from his actions that have made his lifestyle more important then anything.its been on and off these five years but since our son jude was born I have had to leave to another town far away so he cant hurt us anymore and since I have done that just this past month it seems that his father is slipping away further then he’s ever gone….I’m afraid he’s going to die soon please pray for me..and everyone suffering and alone

  3. Asking for the same

    I don’t know what your husband and family are going through, but I pray that GOD continues to Bless and take whatever is ailing your husband away. My husband is surrounded by demons right now and they have his mind, body and soul right now. I pray to My GOD to take this demon away from his body, even if this intervention is meant to separate us , let GODS will be what it may. The demons have pulled his mind and heart away from his family. I wouldn’t be so hurt if I knew GOD had somehow did this to make our FAITH IN HIM stronger, but I know it’s demons cause he is not even considering his only and 1st born son. He ignores him and has no consideration for his life or feelings. PLEASE GOD heal his heart and take demon actions from his body. Don’t let evil overtake his spirit, let my husband start to bring GOD’s word into his heart so his faith will grow and maybe he will realize that he is not only hurting me but he is hurting his only son and I’m afraid this will have a impression on his life that won’t be positive. I LOVE GOD and my Faith has grown so much since all this has happen, that I am thinking maybe this has interrupted my life to make my Faith stronger in GOD. I DON’T THINK MY FATHER WOULD BRING THIS TYPE OF DESTRUCTION IN OUR LIVES !! But I pray GOD brings peace to you and your family’s life. I also pray that GOD HEARS ALL OF OUR PRAYERS AND BRINGS US OUT OF THESE TRIALS VICTORIOUS !!!!!!

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