Prayer for love of a best friend

God, As of now, I am in a state of confusion. There is this girl I know and we’ve been friends since we were juniors in high school. We are very fortunate to be going to the same college and still keep each other in contact every so often. Our friendship, despite it being for four years now, feels like we’ve known each other since we were younger.

She has made a tremendous impact in my life and I love her like a best friend. But now, here’s the tricky part. For some reason, I’ve started to have these feelings for her as if it were more than friends. Now, I don’t want to tell her because I’m scared it could lead to disaster in our friendship. I’ve had some people say we look like we’re more than friends.

I’ve also had somebody tell me we were better off as friends. Right now, it feels like I’m getting signs that this girl could be the one for me. Whether it be another girl that looks like her, or her laying her head on my shoulder, I think of this one particular girl. But I always have to remind myself that a relationship with her would most likely not happened.

I think in some ways, it’s just a temporary crush because I hear or seen best friends get together like they do in movies. But, like almost every Hollywood movie, it’s fiction. Recently, I’ve decided to keep playing the role of being her best friend so as not to cause damage to it. But emotionally, I’m at a crossroads.

Although I’m still searching for the one, I’m not 100% sure if the one happens to be right here all along. So now, I’m asking for a direction and peace. I am willing to accept a sign that could determine our friendship.

Whatever sign you give me, I will accept it with all my heart and do so in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. For it was he who died for all our sins. Please accept my prayer and give me a lift to the best of your ability. It is through Christ Jesus that I pray, Amen