Prayer for Love Left.

by S (New York)

I was in a 4 year relationship and we parted ways 11 months ago. She is the love of my life and I have to say that these last 11 months has been intense pain, lost sleep, hair coming out, weight loss and just realizing that another man is enjoying her great personality, beautiful soul and outstanding glow. Could you please pray for me, please pray that she understands how much that I love her, please pray that she accepts my soul yearning and my true love for her. We had such a strong bond and I have made mistakes, we both have, but thru GOD, I know that just as our bond was made and survived rough times, with GOD’s hand on us again, our bond can become a lifetime of one love. Please pray for me, because my nights are so dark & my days are so lonely. I do not have much, but I do have hope and faith. No matter your religion beliefs or your spiritual understandings, please say a prayer that two Souls who held hands thru it all, find a way to hold hands again. I promise to pray for every Soul that prays for us. Thank you.

P.S. And if you do not pray for me and you have true love, please hold onto it, I would not wish this pain on the worse person in the world.

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