Prayer for love joy and healing in our home

by Missy (Ohio)

Father God, thank you for our little boy who hugged my neck and told me he had fun with me today before he went to spend the night with his grandparents. Forgive us for the angry words he had to hear between me and his daddy on his way out…words he hears way too often. He’s 8 now, I’m 40. Time is ticking away.

Thirteen years I’ve cried and begged and prayed until I feel like even my prayers have been in vain. How can I be what you’ve purposed me to be? How can I be a reflection of you when he steals my smile and steps on my hope? I try to be slow to anger, but can only take so much. I try to discuss things in a mature manner, but end up yelling and cussing because I feel so muted and invisible. After all the sneaking and lying, I can’t believe a word he says. If not for me, then for our son….please, be the change in him that we can trust.

My boy and I declared together that this will be a wonderful summer full of happy things to remember. We ask that you put a longing in his heart for you and for us and remind him of his wedding vows. Too many people just stand there and say the words as a routine without realizing how very important they are. “forsaking all others”

Lord, We don’t want what’s left of him anymore. There’s really nothing to restore as it has been like this from the beginning, but we are married. Whether we should’ve been or not…we are and divorce is not an option. Search us, Lord, and heal us…even the wounds that came before us as a couple. Give me peace in my heart when those moments come.

Help me to bridle my tongue and be a better example. God, I bind that which comes to steel, kill and destroy and I loose an abundance of life love and joy, health and prosperity in our marriage and in our home…our family. I thank you, Lord, for miracles and I thank you for your Word.

Praise you, Lord for healing me and saving my husband and for giving our son two parents to set a Godly example that will guide him in the right direction for the rest of his life. All this I pray in Jesus’ name…Amen <3

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