Prayer for Love in My Heart Can Only Be From God

by Richard (Mexico, MO, USA)

Dear Lord, you know my heart. You have been most generous in the family you have given me. Please forgive my arrogance, Please forgive my insolence, Please forgive my earthly mistakes, please forgive the hurt I have put on my family, please forgive the hurt I put on myself.

You know my heart and the Love I have for Dawn and my family. Please help her to see my true heart and the love I have for her. Please help her to forgive all the hurt and embarrassment I placed on her. Please help her to move past the anger she sees and help her to see the goodness in my heart. Please help her to feel the warmth of my spirit, the spirit you place on me that has been so generous.

Please guide Dawn my decisions to help rebuild and strengthen our family and that our actions earn the Love you have placed in our hearts. Lord, I give my heart to you and your will be done, please help us to find and nourish the love you have set upon us so that we can show our son the goodness in you and that he may walk the path with you.

Lord also please place forgiveness in the hearts of Dawns family so that they can see the gift you have given us and help us all heal. Please fill our hearts with your Holy Spirit so that all of the anger and hurt can be washed away and again only leave the Love in our hearts. The Love that restores life and is stronger than any temptations that may be before us. Please restore Dawns faith in me so that our family can again be strong. Lord, the beauty of the Love in our hearts which defines the family you have given us can only be from you.

Lord, with all my heart I love you and thank you and pray that your goodness can again be placed upon us. Lord God, I ask this of you and in the name of Jesus Christ, I pray for you help for I know there is nothing you cannot do and your love is pure. Amen.