prayer for love at a distance

Thank you God! you are always faithful and true to your word! we overcame one of the hardest challenges my love and I and we are stronger than ever because I prayed with all of my heart and you showed me your grace and mercy lord. please continue to guide us both and continuously have us in each other’s hearts and minds.

please have this be a eternal, loving, relationship centered around you. bring stability, family, not just a home, but a loving family with him. bring him here safely to me, lead us not into temptations, please give us your strength and unwavering faith to love each other without seeing or touching each other….but just knowing in the water gently around the rocks and obstacles that will come in our way.

show him that i love him with all of my heart. spirit we love each other. have our love flow like teach us to be stronger lord, thank you thank you for all you have done. i love you…..