Prayer for Love and Protection

by Lakshmi (Sydney)

Dear God

Thank you for all the wonderful things you have brought to my life. Every moment of joy, happiness, learning, every hug, every kiss, every smile every sorrowful moment which has brought out gratitude, beauty, patience and kindness from me.

God I pray for protection, please protect my relationship with my partner from ill intent and infidelity. Help us to grow everyday in love for one another.

Let our souls be bound to one another in joy, happiness and learning so that we may bless others around us. God I pray please protect his heart and mine so that we may remain faithful and trusting to one another.

Protect us from meddling hands, temptations and evil-doers. Bring to our lives people and angels who will promote this love and build a hedge of protection which promotes true love, faithful love and lasting love.

God please keep away from our lives people who intend to do harm. I believe God you are our protector and father. I believe in your protection, to help us grow in love and protect us from people who try to break us apart.

For every test, every obstacle we face. God I believe we can work through them together, my faith is with you always. For every challenge, I pray, guide us to be stronger to see one another as never giving up, always strong, always faithful.

God I pray, please protect me from evil. Evil thoughts, from the darkness of despair, from the evil visions in my mind of heartbreak and sorrow. Clean me out God and make me a positive light in this relationship, in my life and a positive light to others.

God I pray, do a work in my partner, help him to grow and bring forth love and commitment in his heart. Open his eyes and mind to the value our relationship brings and help him to value this commitment. I pray bless his life in abundance and help him to see how much I love him and pray for him living his destiny. God please protect him from harm and temptation.

I believe in the power of Jesus Christ, that his sacrifice has paved the way to the kingdom of heaven. I believe that through God, nothing is impossible. I pray for this God with all the love and hope in my heart.

I pray for love in this world, for each and every heart to recognize love. I believe love is the reason for our existence and I believe the


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