by Yvonne (Mississauga)

All Loving and All Knowing God,

Thank you for this beautiful morning, and for the opportunity to wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed, and at peace. I know that so many people around the world have so much less than I do, and suffer greatly. Thank you for giving to me the parents that I have, the opportunities I have been blessed with, and my health so that I can do the best for myself and others around me.

Lord, I am not too sure what’s happening to me lately. I don’t understand why it is so difficult to find the right partner for me. I don’t understand if you want me to be a better person, if I need to be more open to the people I meet, or if finding a husband is something that You, Loving God, simply do not want me to find because You have different plans for me.

Loving God, Saint Raphael, and all the angels and saints in heaven, I call to You to send me a man who will be my husband, and where together we will love each other and care for each other unconditionally until death do us part. I pray that he is someone whom I am attracted to on all levels and who is equally attracted to me. I pray that he is kind, compassionate, loving, humourous, playful, ambitious, active, healthy conscious, and a great communicator. I pray that he is wise, level-headed, and non-judgmental. Loving God, please send me a partner with whom I can share life’s beautiful experiences. Like Adam who met Eve, like Tobit who met Sarah, help me find my equal. Send him to me sooner than later. Together help us become better people for each other.

Loving God, Saint Raphael, and all the angels and saints in heaven, I pray that You guide him my way.


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