Prayer for love and happiness

by Ruth (London)

Dear God,

Please hear my prayer. I pray for my partner , please make him strong, help his mind to be clear, give him the courage to put his happiness before the challenges put forward from his family. I pray that his family will soften their hearts to him finding love even if it wasn’t where they would have chosen.

Our love is so beautiful and pure, I have faith in you Lord and I believe in our love. I need him to see that clearly and have the strength to put his happiness first. I believe that we are better together, then apart. I believe our cultural differences are merely hiccups we can overcome.

I believe he is my best chance at love and I his. If this is not the case, I pray you give me the strength to be thankful for meeting him and bringing him into my life and I pray that he finds love and happiness with someone, someday. God you are great. You are good.

We are your children, I know you want us to be happy. Please help us to see clearly. Thank you so much for bringing us together please help us to not be apart. Blessed Mary, pray for us.