Prayer for Love and Guidance in our Relationship

by JMR (Long Island)

Dear Heavenly Father, St. Jude, Padre Pio, and all the Saints, I come to you for your guidance with our relationship. I thank you for bringing him into my life and I ask for your help to right the wrongs and to give me the strength to get through this painful separation with patience and understanding.

I ask of you, to provide me with the way to bring him back to me, for him to rid temptation and for us to persevere. I thank you Father God for giving me the opportunity to feel, see and touch real love, true love and I ask for your help to give me the opportunity to make the necessary changes in this relationship and I ask you to open his heart and his mind.

Show me the way Father God, Provide me with a miracle St. Jude and Padre Pio, Provide me with the support to overcome this with him by my side. I ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.

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