Prayer for lost-self, lost partner, lost friend and lost item

(Ontario, Canada)

Dear Lord and St. Anthony of Padua,

The relationship I have with the love of my life is crumbling. We are slowly growing apart apart. And we have probably grown apart because of my selfish ways. I’ve been unfaithful, downgraded myself into a a wretch by sending inappropriate photos online. I feel so insecure about myself that I need affection and I’m desperate to get it to that extent. He deserves to know the truth but it would only bring him back into depression. I beg you for forgiveness Please, help me to be stronger and to heal my relationship.
I had a small session of crying and had the urge to look at a photo of me and my partner, but this photo is missing. Please help me to find this precious photo of us.
Also, recently I’ve pushed away a friend out of betrayal. Please give me the strength to forgive her and be friends with her once again. I know this is all a lot to ask in one prayer. I’ve lost my way to the church and when I do go to mass, I dont pay attention. Please, grant me the courage to go to confession and begin praying more. Amen.

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