Prayer for Lost Love to be Found

by TM ()

Saint Jude:

I come before you broken hearted and depressed. I beseech you to grant my wish that my true love returns to me. Words and drink caused me to be placed in this abyss of despair. I come to you praying for help.
This woman that I love is so very beautiful and smart. She makes me laugh and allows me to truly enjoy life.
I have come to understand my mistakes and vow never to repeat them again. If you deem me so deserving to have this wish fulfilled, I will be eternally grateful. I will live my life as a man of God.
I do not believe that I can continue living with this pain and sadness. I know in my heart that I will never take her for granted. I will love her and never disrespect her again.
Please grant me this favor and heal her hardened heart. Allow her to forgive me, take my calls, and return to me.
You are the Patron Saint of lost causes. Hear my prayer and return my true love to me.