Prayer for loss of employment

by Vasanti (Mundel)

I humbly and earnestly request you to please pray for my need. I am the eldest, and from a very poor family, I am the breadwinner, and my parents are sickly. I have three younger brothers, of whom the youngest developed glaucoma and is now fully blind. He is dependent on me to provide for his medical expenses, and for his learning Braille.

My other two brothers do cultivation in our village, which is very remote, and during the recent floods, all the crops perished. I am the only one in the family who was able to study, and with our extreme poverty, lack of basic needs, I persevered and successfully completed my degree in Christianty and Mass communication. I am the first and only one in my village, and the whole village is honored by my achievement, as we dont have electricity supply at home, yet I studied with the light from a small bottle lamp.

Having graduated I worked in a Catholic institution, I was happy in my work. My superior suddenly terminated my employment for no reason, as they had someone else lined up, to replace me. However the person replacing me is from an affluent family. It is sad, that my superiors knowing very well my poverty and my poor parents and blind brothers dependency on my salary, did something wicked and heartless like this. Above all, I am without a job for over two months now, no income, my brothers medical needs have not been provided, he is unable to continue with his Braille, we are without proper food, while my superiors who did this live a care free, secure life with all their needs met.

I pleaded and appealed to all those that matter, but none were willing to help me, as they all prefer to be on the side of the powerful person, and not spoil their friendship by trying to take up my cause.

I plead the mercy and intervention of God to take up my cause, and deliver justice, Now I am compelled to seek justice in a court of law, and I ask you to pray that God may guide and direct my lawyer, and anoint him with the Holy Spirit. That the presence of the Lord will take authority over this case, and that Jesus will release truth over all the falsehoods and hidden lies being cooked up to safeguard those responsible.

That the mighty power of God will expose all hidden and shady deals, and that He will bless every tear and pain that I and my poor parents and blind brother suffered and endured in silence, because of inhuman and wicked and heartless superiors,.I pray that God may forgive them and that they repent for their wrongdoings. May the glory and justice of God overrule all wrong and injustice. To God be the glory!! Praise and bless His Holy and Mighty Name. May Mother Mary, St. Joseph and all the saints intercede for me.

7TH Mach 2011

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  1. Sorry

    I am so sorry for what has happend to you. You derserve so much better…I will pray for you and your family. You deserve everything especially the love you have to help your family. Just think of it as something positive…that maybe this happened for a reason…and there is something bigger and better waiting for you. I wish you luck and will also pray that everything goes well for you.

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