Prayer for Losing Everything

by Kim (Denver Colorado)

I have tried so hard for year. I have built up my husband and supported him the whole entire time of our marriage, with in the last 3- 4 years, he got a new job which, has put a Huge financial strain on our family. There has been times i have work 3 sometimes 4 jobs and toke care of the kids while he was away for workout of town. Well now we are on the in the middle off trying to sell our home and found out that we are also about to lose it. We were also informed that we might owe 10,000 at closing which we do not have. I am being blamed for everything. My husband is taking about a divorce and threatening to take the kids away from me. I don’t know why but i know he very angry and has been for years, I also know the lord has plain and i need to trust it. He would not have put me for no reason. I need prayers so we get through this and my house problems will work out. I don’t know about my husband and I but i do love him and He also need your prayers so he can find peace.

Thank you for listening to my problems
Lossing everything