Prayer for Lord’s help in my financial crisis.

by Marie-Louise (Bolton, Greater Manchester, England)

Oh Lord, You the only Giver

The only Giver of our lives,
The Giver of wealth,
Hear my prayers.
I know You are never away from me
You’ve always come to my help whenever things went to the worst in my life
You’ve always brought me back onto the right path.
Today I’m crying for your speedy help, Lord
As hopelessness, fear and despair seem to be overloading my heart
Look at the financial crisis I am in, Lord
With no employment for months
But only deepening debts from what I thought was going to be a fruitful investment,
All now looking heartbreaking and dark as You are witnessing it Yourself.
I pray that You come to my rescue, oh Merciful Lord.
With You nothing can go wrong until the end
You alone know when and how things can turn around for me
For the money I need for my daily and monthly living
And the extra I would put towards supporting my two children and my two grand children.
I have no one else to cry to except You, my Lord
Give me the strength I need
To patiently wait for what You will send to me for the bills
And all other responsibilities I have to cover in my family as a lone parent,
Today, this week, this month and all the year through,
Grant me that extra income, as You find it right, Lord,
For those circumstances I find myself in
In need to help others in my family and around me
Whenever they come to me as usual
But now not knowing how badly I am hit by debts, sorrow and fear.
Help me to keep strong and stay with You
All the way through until You take me completely out of this heartbreaking financial crisis.
My faith and my hope are only in You, Lord
I know soon You’ll wipe my tears away.

I pray in the name of Jesus


Your child