Prayer for Lord to Hear My Prayers

by Peter (South Africa)

I need the Lord to help me now, that my Son is dagga and it seems i’m losing the “war”. I pray but it seems nothing is changing, at times it seems like its getting worse and then at times even better.

I have prayed gave over to the Lord but it seems that things are not changing. I know the Lord hears our/my prays but it seems nothing is happing. I’m afraid for my Son, i’m starting to loose faith in that i at times have stopped praying i don’t know if this is done for i know its not getting better or not. I see what the Lord has done to me before but i just cannot understand why this must last so long.

I can understand how God felt when he lost his Son on to cross and i know that he got him back but when is that for me. I’m getting tired of waiting. I know that he gives us an escape in difficult matters but nothing seems to be open for me. I cannot see light, i cannot day break, please please pray for me and my family.

I know all things are possiable with God, but sometime i would why so long others got what they wanted but not us. I don’t know what to pray for any more, i said everything but its not working. I get a liitle hope reading the bible then its gone including hope. I dont know the reason why it is happing or what the bigger plan is and i know i must have faith but its difficult very difficult. As a family it seems we are hanging at a thread each one having his own things going on in his head and affected in his/her own way. I

need to be there for them as well, but im tired. I need God’s strength like before but nothing is helping, i need to have strenght for my family, but im tired. Cannot work, cannot sleep, i’m tired, worried and scared as well, scared for him, i think i’m more scared for him and more worried for my wife than anything. i need it to stop now, today. Please pray for us.

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