Prayer for Long time coming

by Elaine (Arizona City,AZ 85123)

This is hard to put into words but I know it has a meaning that will go somewhere. I have made a mess of my life by job jumping, You can say at the present moment I am not qualified, or I have lost my skills, or missed the right place I should have been, but I was at the wrong place, or made the wrong decisions when there were people in my life who knew so much more than me, only now, number the years later, can I see where, how, when, and why I am in this empty boat.

I left my first love, I thought I could just tell the Lord to wait a minute until I do what I have to do for myself, and come back to him at a later date. I can see now, I am not blind anymore because through different religious programs on television The Lord used these people to let me know he had to be first, not ME.

I have received so many blessings, and I know that he is still working on me but this time with results because he is leading me to become obedient. You have to get you out of the way before progress can lead the way, and progress is truly with The Lord Jesus Christ. I am a stable witness today because I can clearly see. There is a difference in day and night, and there is a difference in me then, and me now. I have been job searching for quite some time, and I also go to college full time in the Dietetic Technician Program needing seven classes before I finish with an AAS.

This was the way for me by the hand of the Lord, He chose this for me and I am the vessel. I believe in prayer, and I am thankful for prayer, and for your prayers. I know his will, will be whatever it will be for my life.

I am assured by his mercy, and his grace, and I am thankful to the heavenly father for his precious son, who died for my sins on the old rugged cross.. I thank him, thank him, thank him. God bless all of you. Sincerely Elaine.