Prayer for Long Distance Relationship

by Tay (California)

Dear Lord. I pray for my complicated long distance relationship to become completely uncomplicated. After 3 years of being broken up with this man and him moving back to his hometown, we reconnected this year and immediately fell back in love. He is an amazing man who loves me unconditionally. I pray that you remove the obstacles that are preventing us from being physically together again and allow us to be reunited permanently.

Help my boyfriend be able to find a career in my city as soon as possible and bless both of our finances so that we can support each other. I pray also for respect and acknowledgement from his family, as his family often ignore his feelings and alienates him from the family. He’s been a great person and father, and doesn’t deserve the way he’s being treated.

Eliminate all drama and help us to remain encouraged and trusting in Your will. I know that with God, ALL things are possible and You have brought us together for a divine purpose. Thank you Lord for all of your blessings. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.