Prayer for Lone Parent Struggling

by Ms A.M (London U.K)

Lord, I know your favour, you have blessed me with two beautiful loving sons, with whom I love with all my heart. although they struggle sometimes they both have good hearts and I believe you will carry them into your favour and they will achieve every success in all they strive for.

You then blessed me with beautiful twin girls and my family was complete. They do not know the love of the earthly father but they are held in your favour.

You have given me health and have always provided me with food, accommodation loving friends and family. Although I struggle to bring up these children alone and attempt to better my life and theirs by entering into a career that will benefit others, with all my heart I know you will send me a financial miracle to help me during these desperate times.

I continue to thank you for what I have and all I know and I continue to pray to you Lord to ask for you to show me your mercy once again.

In Jesus’ name