Prayer for loan for School

Dear God,

I thank you for your providence; for making my family survive these hard years when both I and my wife are out of job. We thank you for the wonderful people who bring help from no one knows where.

God, we pray for your intervention. Financial suffering and embarassment have hit us hard. Kids are returning to school on Monday and we only have a quarter of the fees.

Two of them have fees arrears and will not be allowed back. The third is in final year of secondary school. He should not miss class. We can’t get a loan since we don’t have regular employment and do not earn salary.

God, friends are relatives are tired of our never-ending story of poverty. We pray for work, for financial improvement. Most importantly for school fees.

God, give us life, wisdom and never to dispair. St Jude, we have always prayed through you and trusted you.

Don’t let us down. Please hear our prayer. We have run out of options, except you Lord.

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