Prayer for loan approval

by Chris (Boston)

Please Dear Lord, our life is very hard right now. My husband is facing terminal liver cancer after a three year battle. This follows a 12 year battle with PSC and a liver transplant. He has been sick for 15 years.

We have three beautiful children and have done the very best we know how. We have fallen so badly behind on everything secondary to medical bills and time off from work due to illness. We are currently trying to refinance our home in order to catch up on bills, lower our monthly payments and have some financial breathing room as we face our third round of chemo in two years. Our credit score isn’t good and i am afraid we won’t get this loan.

I am hanging onto to my sanity with a thread. the stress of my husband’s illness is all i can handle right now and i so desperately want and need this refinance to go through. Please, sweet Jesus, please help us to secure this loan. Please allow the loan officer to see fit to approve this. it means so much to us right now. my stomach is in knots. please, please, please. i think we hear something today – i am on my hands and knees praying and pleading for this to be approved. Please. Thank you.

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