Prayer for Life to Change

Dear Lord, thank you for your blessings, please forgive me that I do not always count them or appreciate them. Thank you for saving my life and opening my eyes. Thank you for giving me the blessing of being a mother. Lord I wish for a good life for my son and a safe happy life for me. My boyfriend hits me and hurts me.

When I seek support and love he turns his back on me. I have found out he has lied to me and manipulated me. I am afraid of him. I have prayed many times for someone to love me, my most desperate wish, and I fear there is no one for me. The man I love and thought lived me is yard hearted towards me, he has been lied to about me and taken by evil intent.

Please help me Lord. Please allow me to live a good life with a man who will love and care for me and let me be a good mother and good person. In Jesus’ Name I beg thee Lord. Amen

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