Prayer for Life Partner in Marriage Relations

O God my cousin who is 35+ is not able to find a partner in life please see that she meets her true love please take care of her.Let her be married soon.

O God I recently broke up I have already confessed my broken relationship I have already tried to convenience that person after his family said No to me because I did not belong to his caste and later on having word with his family they told the boy girl is rude when she talks.

Convincing him again and again and get same answer for him felt me that I am beggar who begs and he also said that it better we stay away.

Now that I am helpless I told the boy that I just want to live alone because I have to stop somewhere if everyone is negative.

Jesus papa give me support I do not think of him also and do not even contact him instead I concentrate on my studies.

God help me to get true life partner which love me care me and will provide me respect and keep me happy for ever more than anyone else.

If that same boy is my true love please do miracle if he deserves.


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