Prayer for Letting Go of a Job Opportunity for the Benefit of Another Person

by Paula (UAE)

Dear Lord,

Thank You for giving me the job opportunities during the times that I faithfully pray when I lost my job. I appreciate all the help from friends, other people, career sites whom You used as instruments for landing for job interviews.

Now, I am landed with two job opportunities with different paths. Both are very special to me as the other will bring me to my dream company with a career change and the other to giving me a career growth but will not compensate much.

If I will choose the first one, a special person in my life will be transferred to another place which will harm his monthly income but is willing to do so to give way to my employment. I feel that I cannot have the full satisfaction on the job knowing someone will be at stake.

So now, I pray Lord God, to give me enlightenment to my decision if it is according to Your will. If someone can make sacrifices for me, I think it is my duty to make sacrifices for others too as life is not always about ourselves. I pray that whatever is the good and pleasing on You will happen and grant me the heart of acceptance and gratefulness.

I lift up everything to You Lord and let Your will be done.Thank You and I love You, Lord!

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