Prayer for letting go

by Shabrerraca ()

I’m grateful with all god has stored upon me. But its days like today i cant muster to put one foot in front of the other i get highly irritated and agitated anout every little thing around me. Or that the fact that i feel as tho nothing is right i woke up putting myself down about my looks, even my well being of why and how im still single, i keep bouncing back and forward between the little things in life that i know all u have to do is wait patiently and god will sure provide. My heart is filled with some sort of confusion, i love myself and all but still find doubts as anyone else would, but i cant help but wonder why im single, why am i taking so long to get to where i need to be. Why cant i just say whatwvee and go on with life, i ask that my broken feelings get prepared and whenever that special someone enters im whole, in my career, my place of well being and emotions. Its kinda silly but i wish i had someone to hold me and be woth me in my darkest of times and make me feel like im the best woman alive not to heal my insecurities but just to make me stand more as i already am…i dont like anger and i dont like the feeling of resentment im feeling i ask that you heal me god make me whole, and put my selfishness aside its not worth it…and also i know times get hard with paying my bills that have me too but than something happens to where i see my way out so i know this too shall pass…

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