Prayer for legal troubles

by Marga (Pittsburgh)

Please pray for my son to have the charges dropped so he can come home 2,000 miles away and be with his family during Christmas. He is alone and only 20 years old he made a mistake but please pray for Gods Mercy to help reunite him with his family.

He is a good Christian young Man who has been in depression and suffered a horrible concussion and is not himself right now. I will forever Praise God in Jesus name and help those families who suffer with loved ones in active addiction. My other son has found peace and recovery from heroin addiction.

This has been a year of trial and tribulations for our family we are believers who pray in Jesus name to remove bondage and captivity from our family. We will serve others that are in this struggle and tithe 10% to our church to make Gods love known. My prayer request is to have the charges dropped I am suffering and hurt and only want peace and serenity.

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  1. Praise His Holy Name

    In Jesus name I pray for your trials and tribulations to be resolved with Gods Mercy and Grace. God set my son free from the bondages of addiction and he did not spend one day in jail except for the night he was arrested that I wrote this prayer on December 6, 2014. God has blessed my son with a college scholarship after this issue and he was the starting QB on his team last fall. He is 21 years old and in Recovery spreading and making Gods Love known. My older son who is 26 is also in recovery from Heroin Addiction. He delivered my son from the bondages of addiction and he is so happy and living in a 3/4 house and doing very well at his job with Verizon. I know God has a plan for you and I am praying that these charges are dropped. In Jesus name I pray.


  2. God Bless him in this time

    I don’t know how old your post is. God bring this young man home to his family. Remove mans court from his path and deliver him to his loving family and give him the focus and peace to overcome past problems and go forward. Let no court or bars hold him down. Bring him home O Lord in the name of Jesus. Amen.

    I need the same prayer for I made a mistake and got charged with something that it is not. Please pray for me as well that my case is dropped and I can go on with my life. It has been a struggle. I have just now found love and I am almost 50 yet this problem keeps me from going forward. Please pray God to drop my charges.

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