Prayer for LBD convention

by Matthew (Nigeria)

*Prayer for LBD convention*
Lord, as we wait on you for our upcoming convention, Guide our hearts and our minds in the spirit of fairness, right thought and speech. Impart your supreme wisdom upon our activities so that our affairs may reach a successful conclusion. Thank you for being our source of guidance. Amen! –
Real prayer is about focus and discipline, traits that have great relevance to daily business performance. People of any religion who pray regularly use the dedicated time and ritual to organize their thoughts and feelings. Those who do so daily find meditative value in clearing their mind and grounding their soul, so they can deal with people in a strong, calm, and centered manner. Daily prayer gives you the space to focus on what is really important and at the same time mentally and emotionally prepares you for what ever is coming your way, be it challenge or opportunity. (Hint: It’s always both and sometimes in the same occurrence.)
Here are some basic hints
*Be thankful*
*Be humble*
*Be hopeful*
*Be open*