Prayer for Law Suit Money

by Live Again (LA)

Dear Lord,

Please help my Finance’ get the money he desrves. He was in a bad car accident and needs two surgeries. He was out of work for a year due to his injuries and got behind one his bills. He is a hard working person and struggles to get everything caught up, but lately its been really ruff. Some days he can’t even move out of the bed ,but he gets up and goes to work even thou it hurts him, he knows that he has responsiblities. Please Lord help him get the money that id owed to him and his lost waged that he lost while being out of work. He’s trying really hard to get by, please Lord help him get the relief so he can start living life again. I want to see him enjoy life again and not always be in pain. PLease Lord hear my prayer!! Praise you Lord Jesus Christ!!!

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