prayer for land litigation and business flourish

by daniel asare amoah ()

O! our heavenly father including the noble saint and angels in heaven as well as our blessed sweet virgin mother Mary hear all our prayers and petitions and mine as well.
A prayer about land litigation to end and declare my dad whose name is Daniel Asare Amaoh as the winner in court since my dad is the rightful owner of the land on which we are residing on and also attempting to kill my dad by the people of which my beloved mother may her soul rest in peace was killed by the people who are trying to take it from my dad, making we the children to become fatherless and motherless. Pray for me people so that our family don’t perish including I, my dad, brothers and sisters. Amen
A prayer for the flourishing of my dad business so that he can take care of our school and our upkeep and as well we can help the poor and needy ones and as well as the church and making to pay his serious debt he owns his business partners. Really in need of your prayers. Amen
Help my family and I out of this issue.

Thanks be to you all.

May the lord also hear all your petitions and prayers. Amen

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