Prayer for Knowledge and Wisdom for My Marriage

Dear God, Father I come to you in need. I know that I’m married and I honor that but God I don’t feel that I married the man you prepared for me. Hte’s mean to me, he doesn’t show me nor my children that he cares for us in anyway. I filed for a divorce because I’ve been so unhappy in this situation.

I feel that I’m being used and I feel worthless because of this. That’s not how you should feel in a marriage. I ask that God that you make him the man pleasing to you for me. I’m torn because I felt that you showed me he’s not the man for me but being what I thought was in love I still married him. Now I feel like I’m paying for it. I don’t want to suffer or feel the way I do. Can you make us right for each other to grow and love one another.

To be positive leaders for our children. Lord I need you to come and see about me. I need you to help me. I don’t know if I’m saying or doing the right thing. I want you to fix my tongue that I say and do the right things. I need you to make me silent when I’m suppose too. God I ask that you make me a better mother, wife and friend.

I just want to be at peace and most of all God I want to be strong enough to let go of anything that’s not pleasing to you. In your name I pray and Thank you

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