prayer for keeping sobriety and family

by Ariel (Toledo, Ohio)

Lord I am in a rough position. I am a recovering addict and 5 years ago I met the love of my life he lives in another state, but moved to my home state for 4 years. I finally made the decision to move back home with him and after a year of being there we struggled financially, economically I also have a daughter who I haven’t seen because of this. My mom insisted I get settled with a job and a home before uprooting her out from school so my mom who has helped me raise her since the day she was born watched her meanwhile we got jobs and a 2 bedroom home within months. I had plans to bring her but i got scared. Being an ex addict I feared i couldn’t give her financial stability and scared i ccouldn’t raise her without my mom’s help. I fear im not smart or good enough. Now I made the decision to move back home with my mom and daughter and my boyfriend behind due to the fact that he cant leave due to obligations he loves me and my daughter very much and I know if we care enough about ourselves as much as each other we will be able to unite I dont want this to be the end but he sees it that way. I just need you lord more than ever.

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