Prayer for Keeping our Family Together

Lord Jesus I know I am not always living up to the potential I should. But my family and I need you right now. I am scared for the future of our lives and that my family may be torn apart. We are not perfect and we continue to make mistakes and for that I ask for forgiveness. I know we will continue to sin and make mistakes but I ask for your guidance to help us avoid these mistakes and to overcome obstacles. The love of my life has a lot of obstacles being thrown his way and I am afraid for him and for us. Please Lord give us strength to support one another through this time. He is a good guy but he just makes mistakes please Lord let this mistake be forgiven so he will not have to suffer again. Lord please help my family and I get through this court date and to stay strong until then and to not have anymore surprises come our way. Please keep us together and strong so we can be a family forever. Please Lord I am falling apart and feel so weak and need you in my life…I want you to take over my life and enter my families life. Heavenly Father please save my family.

My fiancee is currently on probation for five years and will be done in January of 2018. He is so close to being done and has been doing so well with almost finishing a Business Degree, starting a family, getting engaged, his own car and house. He has been doing so good but because he got pulled over and did not know his license is invalid he is facing a court date in July and I do not know what will happen because we cannot afford a lawyer and I am scared that he will be too scared to tell the judge that he didn’t know. He doesn’t want me to go to the court date with him because he is afraid it will be too much for me if he gets taken away. I am also afraid this will violate his probation and he will go back to prison for who knows how long. I do not want to lose him he is a good partner and father to our beautiful 2 year old daughter. Please Lord help everything to be okay…I am still going to be scared but I pray that you will help us get through this Lord. I believe in you and know you will help us in our time of need. In your name I pray Amen.

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