Prayer for keeping my family together

by Jared (Houston, Texas)

Lord Jesus, i come to you with an open heart and soul. I come to you today to ask you to forgive me and my family for our sins. I ask for you to guide us in the right path to keeping our family together. I ask for you to open her heart to me. I pray for my two children to have a happy family that will love each other and live through your word. I want to marry the mother of my children and live right.

Lord i ask for her to love me again. I’m under stress knowing i am on the verge of having to sleep in my car due to the fact she has hate for me for reasons i’m not aware of. Lord bring your warmth and love back into our home and hearts. Lord please help me for I am lost and broken with tears and heartache. I know through you I can be healed.

Lord, on another note I would like to thank you for blessing me with 25 years of life, for it may be gone tomorrow. I thank you for blessing us with the food we have to eat and the roof over our head. Lord I thank you for blessing me with my two beautiful children even though my younger one may not be of my blood. Please Lord bless me with being the father of my baby. It may break me if I’m not. Keep us safe from the wicked and fill our lives with joy. Thank you God for listing. Amen