Prayer for Justice

by Wen (Brooklyn, NY)

I’m in dire need of help. Not for me but for my mom and siblings who lost their apt building in the fire on March 21, 2013. They have been living with me since then. It has been hard and nerve wracking. The landlord has been hostile, intimidating and violent.

He issued her a 30 day notice last Saturday to vacate…because the day after the fire I started filing court paperwork. The fire most likely started because of the faulty wiring he installed himself over 20 years ago….

He was lucky no one died in the fire. Now they are gunning for my mom. I have a civil suit coming up and my mom is displaced. She is a sickly woman and disabled. This has been hard. I pray the evidence I have gathered will be enough to get her enough money to start over. And hopefully get her a new place….