Prayer for justice that a murderer gets convicted or whatever God desires

Today at 1:20 my grandmother passed away at Jackson General Hospital. I have an aunt named Delois Morris who drew up a fake power of attorney that banned the entire family from seeing my grandmother. She went into the hospital in January, the beginning of January. My aunts son , Dr. Keith Morris in Memphis TN called me on the night in January when my grandmother went into the hospital and said that my grandmother had three days to live and that he an my aunt were going to see to it that it happened. The entire family notified all entities of the hospital however they wouldn’t listen and said that the “fake” power of attorney was a legal document. Her and her son thought their plan was great because they wanted to cash in on a policy from her death. As a family, we hired an attorney in order to do a conservatorship due to my grandmother have dementia. My aunt forged my grandmothers name in order to get the power of attorney. The family has been kept away, and friends as well. Upon her death today, several of the hospital staffers admitted that my aunt made sure my grandmother had no meds, water or food. She died of starvation and water. My aunt murdered her mother in the hospital. We tried to get a court date in order to save our grandmother but the attorney said the earliest date he had was March 16. Its too late for a conservatorship, but not too late for justice. Please pray for justice. My aunt will have a day in court. She has a spirit of lying and is diagnosed as bipolar and schizophrenic. Please help us pray that justice will prevail.



In the name of Jesus

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