Prayer for Justice and Protection

by Luke Clark-Martin (Sacramento, Ca USA)

In this moment, I pray that all the crime with my bank account and the bank accounts of my friends and family ceases. The the crime with my social media, my cell phone and my computer ceases as well as that of my friends and family.

May all of my friends and family, Lawyers and Law Enforcement that are fighting for me, be able to approach and contact me through all means. May all news stories in regards to crimes against me and my loved ones, be able to reach all of us. May all schemes of mind control and brainwashing committed by intelligence groups, the C.I.A. and extra terrestrials be squashed and may justice come to those criminals.

And may all traps set around this prayer be thwarted. May all attempts at entrapment, murder and rape of myself, my Twinflame Anntoinette Clinton and my loved ones end and may justice come to those foul perpetrators. May all invalidation and challenges to mine and everyone’s clairvoyance end, and may my own and everyone’s 3rd eye become undarkened and mastered.

May all knots and traps around myself and the precognition of what I am to be, be dissolved and released. Please perform a prayer of protection and a blessing of the Lords of Karma and Lady Justice for myself, my mother, family, friends and the universe. Lady Justice, thy will be done!