Prayer for Jude,my kids and parents

by Rose (Wakiso)

oh,Lord Jesus Christ who healed the paralysed people please help my nephew Jude who is in Intensive Care right now,give him hope,strength and let him stand and sit as he has been before.I know Jesus you can do it for us,me,his parents,sisters,aunts,uncles ,friends and everyone who care about him.

God,Jesus Christ always show me your ways when i go astray and help me to be agood parent.I pray you give my kids good health,and also give me money to look after them.

I pray for my parents,sisters,brothers,inlaws and all people that care and are good to me.I have many things to pray about and God you know them all so please God answer my prayers with kindness,mercy and love.I have prayed all this through christ our Lord .Amen

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