Prayer for Job Security

by Maria (Texas)

Please help me dear sweet Saint Jude, please pray for me to the Lord our God to protect me from my enemies. Come shield me at my job and work from those who want to have their way with me. I am hard working and try to please my boss. However, he and a few of his followers trying to gain his favortism, are quick to finding fault in whatever small mistakes I make.

I try to be perfect daily, although they are not producing well and yet nothing is said of them. I also do not have it in me to become like them and point all their mistakes out. I don’t consider myself a victim, rather someone wants to be rid of the demons surrounding me at work, I was told by a new Asst Manager that I spend too much time a church, I told him I have fun and enjoy it and has nothing to do with my job.

Please sweet St. Jude do not let my enemies continue, put them to shame and fear God and to stop harrassing me. I need your help St. Jude to ask the Lord our God to keep me strong with trust as see this through to the finish. Do not let my enemies win by my being without a job. Year end is near and our branch has not done well as expected. I am just one and not to blame for the failure, I am trying and need my job.

My boss and his assistant do not seek new business and just on the computer doing who knows what all day.. I know that God loves me and is with me, just please ask him to quickly come to my aid and let these demons know that they are defeated and can no longer try to threaten me. Help give me the peace I seek every day Lord, to do your will, to know that your love surrounds me and nothing will or can hurt me.

Let me succeed in my job and work as I continue to serve you Lord God and give you thanks for all you do and have done for me. I only have 6 years of work until retirement please pray for me St. Jude that I live these years out working in peace and being successful in the goals given me to stay secure.

Thank you Saint Jude for your prayer and continual love of me and I of you, and who honors you as a Saint of miracles, Amen.