Prayer for job security for my husband and employment for our daughter

by Betsy (USA)

Heavenly Father! Thank you for your unfailing love that you send your only begotten son to die for our sins. Lord!

We ask that you continue to watch over our family and protect us from all evils. Lord! I am asking that you help my husband during his surprise audit today at work. He is the bread winner for our family so please God, give him peace knowing that he has You and with prayers and supplications, all things are possible! Strengthen his faith during this time. I pray that your mighty power works through those who are auditing him to honestly do their job diligently and that my husband passes in order to keep his job.
I am asking that you bless our daughter as she continues her job hunting. Please give her wisdom and patience during her trying time and most of all, that she remains faithful regardless of those outcomes.

I pray for a great opportunity coming her way and for your will to be done.
I lift up my husband and our daughter that you bless them abundantly and give my husband job security so he can better take care of his family. Thank you for your provisions day in and day out that we still have our healths. Lord! Hear my prayer! I pray and ask all these things in Jesus Christ name, Amen……

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