Prayer for Job security and Safety of Our family

Im requesting prayer for my significant other who is being accused for something he did not do, and is now costing him his job. someone lied and falsely accused him. I pray that management can open their heart and not be biased and believe word of mouth with out having actual proof.

I pray that God bless over us and be on our side. Protect our family from any evil or any wrong doing against us. Bless us with super natural blessing and allow the truth to come to light on this situation and be given a fair opportunity. I pray the job is secured and pray for increase in business and for it to be successful not only in work, financially but in our family, relationship and with God, may this bring us closer to u God…

I rebuke the devil and any wrong that is trying to be done to us. God is bigger than all sin and deceit . in Jesus name Amen.