Prayer for job search

by Sung (USA)

Dear Jesus, i have never done this before. i am afraid but i want to trust You. You have been faithful to me always. Even when i disobeyed You, You still embraced me. Please give me the faith and strength i need to follow You into wherever You would take me.

Please give my family and especially my mom peace in my future, that You hold my future in Your hands. i am especially afraid of an unsafe work environment or an unhappy one, but You are my Defender and my Shepherd. Please give me compassion for other people also looking for jobs, and please help me love all the people i meet with Your love. Please protect me from situations or jobs where people would take advantage of me.

Please give me a safe and happy place to work, where i can follow You and try my best and learn. Please help me in my pride, but keep me from being overwhelmed. i need You always God. Thank you for hearing my prayer and for this community of praying brothers and sisters online!

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