Prayer for Job Offer

by CK (Johannesburg)

Dear Lord, I come before you asking for forgiveness of sins and asking for the Holy Spirit to fill me and take control of my life. I have been looking for a job and thank you for the opportunity of interviews which I have been through. The final decision will be made soon, Lord I ask and pray that I get the job offer.

Let me be the lead in the pack of those being interviewed, let me be favoured among the rest and Dear Lord, let my faith not waiver regardless of the decision for I know the plans that you have for me.

Prayer community, please pray with me to get a new job soon that you, my household has tripped in the past few months and my current income is not meeting our demands. This company that i have been for interviews with, is an ideal employer for me and i would very much appreciate if i get the offer so that my life and those around me can improve.