Prayer for Job Need, Home Off of Foreclosure and Healing

by Craig (Houston, TX)

I write my prayer to the Lord:

Lord, I praise You for Who. you are, for caring so much for us. Lord, I need a job, our home is in foreclosure, my wife had to retire disabled for nearly losing all sight to a strange reaction to diabetes, there’s trigger finger, now the doctors want to do scan, again, after mammogram (also thyroid scan was done).

I don’t know what to do, I come to You to demonstrate your power and to show that you’re still a miracle working God, that You’d do it for Your Name’s sake, and that I could glorify You and recount the goodness of the Lord–I am unworthy, but You’re worthy and awesome.

Please come help, lest we be left destitute. I ask in Jesus Name, thank You. Amen.

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